The core element in our organization, we determine the importance of human resources in our product development, management, ... there for, seeking talents, investing and developing our people, especially in R&D field.


Select and apply the world most advanced technologies as well as learning and practice to localize the technology for reducing production costs, manage to reach the needs of customers according to each areas specification.  


Our organization's reputation is built and focused on quality of product. We are affirmed by our output products which are high stability, high technology and reasonable price to create significant advantages for partners and customers..


Sincerely is recognized as part of our culture since beginning. Being honest in attitude and actions with clients, partners, colleagues, and ourselves. In order to create healthy environment and products, with high level of trust and prestige  

Vietnam Spirit

Our pride about Vietnam nation and people. Taking advantage of indigenous, intellectual and long-term goals. We have confidence to believe that Vietnam people and product can compete with foreign's domestic and abroad.  
We try our best for getting the best Standard in our products. And we keep it always for every our action. And now this is the Standard we get: ISO 22241, ISO 18611, Din 70071, Adblue, Vinacontrol, SGS Qualification. We invest in laboratories for control the standard inhouse and the third-party for make the standard more objective

ISO 22241
DIN 70071
Keylab PRT
ISO 9001:2015